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Jamaica Solar Energy Association


The Jamaica Solar Energy Association was launched on June 23, 1999 as a non-governmental organization. It was designed to undertake the primary role of shifting Jamaica's energy mix in the 21st century by encouraging the increased use of renewable energy, specifically solar. The Association is composed of manufacturers, retailers, marketers, installers and providers of solar energy and academia. Membership is open to the public.


Objectives of the JSEA

The Association aims to:-

  1. promote the use of solar energy in Jamaica
  2. formulate suitable industry standards
  3. establish a solar energy information database
  4. facilitate funding opportunities for the solar industry
  5. act as a lobby with government and the private sector to aid in the development of the solar energy industry
  6. provide education in aspects of solar technology


Background to JSEA

For several years, various players in the solar energy industry have met in different fora to discuss the impact and importance of alternative energy sources in Jamaica. These fora included solar system manufacturers, retailers, marketers, government agencies and private sector interests.

With the adoption of the Jamaica Energy Sector Policy, and recognition that there was sufficient interest in the solar energy industry, the PCJ initiated an inaugural meeting of all respective parties in July 1998. Subsequent to this other planning meeting, the Solar Energy Association of Jamaica was officially launched. The title has since been changed to the Jamaica Solar Energy Association.


Current Initiative

In keeping with the Office of Utilities Regulation's (OUR's) policy of Net Billing, JPS has commenced drafting of a Standard Offer Contract (SOC), to facilitate the addition of small intermittent renewable energy facilities of up to 100KW to the national grid. The JPS expects to  submit a draft SOC and Interconnection Agreement to the OUR for approval before the end of first quarter 2009 and be in a position to enter into contractual arrangements by mid 2009.


Full membership is available to:-

  • individuals
  • tertiary, secondary and other institutions of learning
  • private non-profit organizations concerned with environmental matters
  • public sector based organizations & their members
  • organizations such as cooperatives, citizens groups, manufacturers, distributors and installers of solar energy products.

Executive Board

    * Roger Chang                    -President
    * David Barrett                   - Vice President
    * Chinyere Nwaogwugwu      - Secretary
    * Robert Wright                  - Treasurer
    * Damian Lyn                     - Member/Immediate Past President
    * Gregory Gauntlett            - Member
    * Alan Topping                   - Member

For more information contact:

Roger Chang
5 Stanton Terrace
Kingston 6
Tel: 927-3555
Fax: 978-2826


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